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Guilherme Castro

2018-11-27 08:15:16 | Profile
Is this in 9/8 or 8,5/8? To me the riff sounds 9

Sofía Lorenzana

2018-11-26 17:01:10 | Profile
Oh well... This song rocks


2018-11-21 20:53:53 | Profile
You are so god damn right son. Fuck that, using the lords name is not okay. Jesus christ people, figure it out.

João Carlos Tyll

2018-11-04 04:46:41 | Profile
Please do not expose this fucking awesome work of art to someone who is under the influence of alcohol. It will escalate quite rapidly.

Luke McDonald

2018-10-30 20:54:25 | Profile
Badass Playlist:1. Bone Broke By The White Stripes2. Breed By Nirvana3. DOA By Foo Fighters4. Hey Bulldog By The Beatles5. Immigrant Song By Led Zeppelin6. Master Of Puppets By Metallica7. Paranoid By Black Sabbath8. Strange Times By The Black Keys

j a c o b 8 7

2018-10-26 03:42:46 | Profile
great song but always hated the production on this album somehow...


2018-10-24 16:39:49 | Profile
My favorite white stripes song!

Hardak Nine

2018-10-20 19:40:35 | Profile
V Paul McCartney. Rocking me hard.

Wesley McGonagle

2018-10-15 05:43:24 | Profile
Nostalgia, I use to listen to white stripes all the time while walking on the ditch in corrales New Mexico.


2018-10-09 07:23:48 | Profile
Literally came here after looking at my account balance. Holy fuck.


2018-10-07 09:16:00 | Profile
This ones my favorite white stripes song. Did you know white originally wrote it for another band

Harvey David

2018-10-04 20:02:38 | Profile
This album it just amazing

Azucena Bustamante

2018-10-03 10:34:28 | Profile
reminding me of some grunge like Mother Love Bone, in the best way