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Download Quiet Riot - Bang Your Head (Metal Health)

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Chef Sossi Sont

2018-10-20 07:10:09 | Profile
I love such charts. Pure Soft Pops! Soothing to the ears! <3 \m/


2018-10-17 20:01:03 | Profile
I remember in 84 my brother and his future wife went to see footloose and they drag me along and remember hearing this song in the movie when it was his first day in a new school and it blasting out his car and I thought this the best song I ever heard man I was 9 then change my life for ever METAL HEALTH BANG YOUR HEAD still my favorite

Jyleke Williams

2018-10-15 22:09:19 | Profile
the first metal record in a history who was Nr. one in the charts !!! More Questions??

Robert De La Rosa

2018-10-14 18:08:34 | Profile
Origin of head banging.

Fercho Veneno

2018-10-10 14:15:12 | Profile
I remember that a wrestler called The Missing Link used to come out to this song

Pieter van Doorn

2018-10-02 12:38:31 | Profile
Make America metal again

Hunter Creighton

2018-09-28 09:32:03 | Profile
18 in 83 wow different world than now fun times

Andres Chile

2018-09-16 22:45:07 | Profile
Anyone hurt there neck headbanging to this

Grace Nyokabi

2018-09-14 21:19:42 | Profile
Hell this is me with this dam schizophrenia. Otherwise excellent video.

Lorrie Hil

2018-09-08 06:10:34 | Profile
Can you say head bangers ball MTV 1980s