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D Stewart

2019-06-17 23:35:21 | Profile
Aww fantastic love it x so romantic she is such a beautiful the best in the world singer love love love this song

Игорь Владимирович

2019-04-28 08:47:32 | Profile
What a beautiful song! Love it! However, it sounds so much like a mixture of two of her own songs called HIDEAWAY and GOLDEN DAWN from "Guilty Pleasures" of 2005.

Любовь Ермакова

2018-11-25 06:41:24 | Profile
So beautiful the message

David Corpuz

2018-11-04 00:32:06 | Profile
amazing and fantastic at the age of 76 she can sing

Michael Michael

2018-10-28 08:32:46 | Profile
Thank you for such a deep message in such a beautiful music, Ms Streisand! In our struggle for survival we have forgotten the importance of kindness for all rather than for ourselves only. How do we enjoy 3 to 4 meals a day when there are parents who struggle and even go hungry so that their children can have something in their stomaches to survive another day? The parents who dare the possibility of being killed or devoured by brutal nature in search for hope less for themselves but for their children. I can go on and on. But I must say, we, the common people, need your voice and the voices of other prominent celebrities now more than ever to bring back kindness. Shalom.

Marco Raffaelli

2018-10-25 07:30:00 | Profile
stunning, Barbra, thank you, your voice and sentiment are welcome and needed, so much needed. love, j

Jessica Batista

2018-10-23 10:55:30 | Profile
She mentioned this song in a recent interview. It is so healing to hear.

Giovanni Vitale

2018-10-18 17:14:14 | Profile
oh dear god..... this is so bad


2018-10-12 21:26:17 | Profile
What happened to being kind? Tell that to your Democrat violent mob scenes.


2018-10-11 22:42:49 | Profile
This is simply divine in any sense.

309 K.M

2018-10-11 10:22:05 | Profile
This is an amazing album which has touched my soul. Love you Barbara xxx

Ami Bayne

2018-10-10 02:47:39 | Profile
Barbra you re always on my mind